Project management digitalised with full stakeholder visibility

Excelpoint streamlined proposals, work in progress, and approvals with dashboard insights, data capture, and remote access, elevating the customer experience in the industrial services sector.

Local government adopts a powerful CRM

Excelpoint implemented a unique CRM solution to manage funding, advice, networks and property for a local government department.

Concept to roll out in 30 days

In 30 days, Excelpoint replaced a bespoke system 2 years in development, unlocking rapid growth with the ability to adapt to market demands for an innovative business in the healthcare sector.

Digitalisation enables 300% growth

Excelpoint enabled a 300% growth by digitalising the candidate application, selection and onboarding process and enhancing the management of client relationships to enable a focus on strategy in the recruitment sector.

180 sheets of paper to 1 per container

Excelpoint automated inventory management and core processes to manage task generation, assignment, tracking, and resource management in the highly compliant nuclear sector.

Predictive maintenance reduces downtime

Digitalisation facilitates maintenance prediction, reduces downtime, and proactively detects quality control process issues in the manufacturing sector.

Field operations automated in 6 weeks

Excelpoint automated field engineer assignments from job requests to completion, integrating customer text reminders and post-installation questionnaires for a field-based service provider.

A trusted supplier to the public sector

Excelpoint's no-code software is available on the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 13 framework. Embraced by the public sector, it digitalises and transforms operations and public services, delivering efficiencies and enhanced customer experience.

Excelpoint No-code Software Platform

Enterprise-Wide Software Systems Faster

Many businesses operate with home-built and legacy systems purchased from different sources, which are difficult to maintain, create misalignment, and restrict growth.

This is where Excelpoint delivers. With a feature-rich no-code software platform securely accessible from any device, you can build and deploy fully customisable enterprise-wide solutions.

One Platform.
Any Business.

From global brands to SMEs, Excelpoint empowers your teams to drive innovation for a competitive edge.

Why no-code?

Reasons to Innovate with Excelpoint
Customisable Systems
Implement scalable systems within weeks to manage CRM, ERP, incidents, training, HSQE, risk, projects and more.
Efficiency & Productivity
Empower employees to create streamlined operations creating a culture of continuous improvement.
Connect & Integrate Departments
Enable seamless teamwork, break down information silos, and promote collective problem-solving.
Solutions 10x Faster
Accelerate project timelines by eliminating complex coding, ensuring quick and efficient implementation.
Technical Debt
Easily modify applications in response to changing business needs in the face of evolving market demands.
Customer Experience
Elevate customer satisfaction with customised systems designed to seamlessly support the customer journey.

Discover how to Empower your teams to Succeed.

One Platform.
Infinite Solutions.
Tailored for you.

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