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Below we answer some of the most common and important questions about the digital transformation and Excelpoint’s role in the world of digitisation.

About the Digital Transformation

There are numerous benefits associated with undertaking and embracing a digital transformation. The internet is full of great stories, blogs and case studies all detailing the key benefits of digitalisation. At Excelpoint, we believe you will greatly benefit from cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced customer experience, improved data accuracy, automation of management reporting and improved employee engagement.

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Historical research by McKinsey has shown that one in three transformational projects fail due to stakeholder buy-in, identification of skills to drive the transformation, allocation of time, and change management infrastructure.

At Excelpoint, we work in partnership with you spending time with your key staff to shape your transformation roadmap and align key stakeholders towards creating the necessary culture change for a successful delivery.

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About the Excelpoint Platform

No-code technology is a software platform that allows non-programmers to create applications utilising drag and drop actions.

Software systems are created with no prior coding knowledge.  Similar to low-code platforms, it is designed to enable fast implementation of software solutions covering a diverse range of business applications. It provides functionality, flexibility, seamless integration, and addresses problems, enabling businesses to adapt and change quickly to meet the pressures of the modern world.

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The Excelpoint no-code platform provides all the tools and features required to build comprehensive business systems in a fraction of the normal time.  It is achieved with a point and click, drag and drop, configuration-based approach with no programming required for common tasks such as collecting, searching, processing, notifying, and reporting on business information.

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The Excelpoint software is an open technology connectivity platform making it strong at connecting to other information sources – industry-standard open systems connectivity is a cornerstone of our architecture and enables maximum return from your information, wherever it is. In addition to this, we have simplified the problems associated with the provided API to API integrations by our plug-in approach. Our experience is vast in connecting to information repositories.

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The Excelpoint platform outputs standalone mobile applications to extend your business processes along with compliance out into the field. The capability to run entire business processes on a hand-held mobile device reduces duplication, errors, and administrative needs whilst strengthening referential integrity across all of your information repositories.  The application is utilised offline and synchronised with the central system when the user has internet access.  Corporate customers with global operations are already embracing the mobile application.

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Our no-code software can be configured into tailored solutions typically ten times faster than traditional bespoke development projects.

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The Excelpoint technology has evolved over 20 years and drives the business processes of globally recognised brands including Minova Global, EDF Energy Cyclife, Mitie, Kaefer, Anglian Water, HMRC, Hanson, the NHS, Balfour Beatty, NATS, Taylor Hobson and Denholm Industrial Services.

It is a future-proofed, agile and innovative no-code solution, embraced across many sectors including engineering, manufacturing, energy, the NHS, local and central government, construction, utilities, nuclear, mining and the service sector.

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The flexibility of the Excelpoint platform extends to the hosting.  We offer a wealth of hosting options to suit your organisation.  The platform can be hosted on-premise, via a third-party data centre, on a public or private Cloud, or Excelpoint can host via Microsoft Azure.  The choice of hosting may be dependent on the architecture, security and integration you require.

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The no-code foundation of the Excelpoint platform enables it to scale and pivot effortlessly.  Your system can be adapted by you, as your experience and confidence grow, or, you can access our Consultancy resource on a daily rate to implement and redeploy changes.

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As a leading provider of no-code technology, we take pride in the security built into our platform. Excelpoint is ISO 27001 accredited and is Cyber Essentials, and IASME GDPR certified. Our platform is annually Vulnerability and Penetration Tested by a National Cyber Security Centre CHECK Company to offer you the assurance that the solutions you implement continuously strive for and meet the highest standards demanded in the modern era.

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We are committed to keeping pace with technological advancements and support our customers with regular innovative new product launches and excellent and responsive customer service.

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