Case Studies

Our powerful software is helping drive the business processes of organisations of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors, enabling businesses to be more efficient and profitable.

Minova’s digital transformation is created with Excelpoint’s no-code system-building software

CISC automates business processes to achieve digital transformation using Excelpoint’s software

Encore Group undergoes a digital transformation

Cyclife embraces a digital transformation to increase efficiency and realise significant cost savings.

Excelpoint introduces automated software to the Wood Group Industrial Services division (Now Kaefer UK)

Excelpoint collaborates with Anglian Water to create an agile order processing and delivery management system.

Excelpoint presented Aura Infection Control with, what its own IT Consultant described as “unicorn tears”

Excelpoint implements new innovative software for architectural glazing company Polar NE

Xcel Centre makes Excelpoint’s software its first choice to drive new customers and event bookings