Technical Considerations

Excelpoint is a new breed of multi-purpose business software that allows systems to be configured right in front of you in real time.

Hosting options

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On premise server
  • Third party data centre
  • Virtual server - Cloud
  • Excelpoint hosting via Microsoft Azure
  • Architecture, security and integration may be the determining factor for choice of hosting


  • .Net application
  • Requires an IIS webserver or other webserver capable for .Net application
  • Backend database - Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Express to full-blown enterprise and Cloud). We are database agnostic so can sit on top of MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, and any of the older technologies.
  • Open technology connectivity and system methods – ODBC, OLE/DB, ADO type connectivity. Our experience is vast in connecting to information repositories.
  • Read only or read/write options.
  • Written in C#
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • API integration plug in architecture
  • Ability for Excelpoint, third party or the customer to write their own plug-ins and drop into the Excelpoint platform.
  • Create new activities in the process automation engine, write activity blocks
  • Write functions to build in scientific options
  • Create new validations against a field

Fully responsive

  • All browsers
  • All devices
  • All screen sizes
  • Can turn out parts of your business process as standalone mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, featuring parts of the process working offline with synchronisation to the main system when data connectivity is available.
  • Build screens and processes in the product, make available as a stand-alone app at the push of a button.

Future proofed

Over 20 years of experience building the platform ensures: -
  • Depth of product and granularity.
  • Adoption of technology waves and cycles, no need to redevelop your solutions as the Excelpoint platform will move on and so will your solution.
  • The platform is a solution for business processes, business systems, compliance, recording of information, reporting of information, senior stakeholder visibility, and adapting the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation through consistent processes and continuous improvement.

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