Streamline your business processes using our no-code innovation

Excelpoint is a new breed of multi-purpose business software that allows systems to be configured right in front of you in real time.

What is no-code development?

No-code software technology allows non-programmers to develop software applications via easy to use highly configurable platforms. Our software is designed to enable fast implementation of system solutions covering a diverse range of business applications. Its functionality, flexible hosting and seamless integration enable businesses to easily adapt and change to meet the pressures of the modern world.

No-code technology has helped drive the digital transformation. It is enabling businesses to understand and implement enterprise-wide automation to realise cost savings, improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, future-proof systems, and ultimately add to the bottom line. It overcomes the disadvantages often associated with bespoke development such as time, money, risk and resource.

No-code technology replaces traditional business processes with software that eliminates the need for paper, spreadsheets and multiple inputs across numerous systems, and provides a holistic view of information across a range of internal repositories. It can replace or complement existing investment in heritage systems and is configured into smart solutions to deliver rapid and agile answers.

Excelpoint’s no-code platform enables users to self-build a software solution to their exact requirements. Our team of consultants provide in-depth training and guidance and are available to configure and implement a solution on behalf of the customer.

We are putting you back in control, with rapid implementation of software to address business challenges and improve the efficiency of your business processes and workflows.

Our multi-purpose business software

Excelpoint is a new breed of multi-purpose software that allows systems to be configured right in front of you in real time.

  • A wealth of hosting options to suit your organisation
  • Powerful and rapidly scalable solutions
  • Software to evolve with your business

Accelerate your digital transformation and realise key benefits

Excelpoint will work with you to model, configure, test and implement a solution to meet your business challenges. Our agile solutions will easily adapt as your business changes, and we will assist you in meeting future challenges, supporting you on your growth journey.
Developing systems at Excelpoint
  • Increase efficiency and realise cost savings
  • Accurate and accessible senior management information and reporting
  • Embrace best practice
  • Legislative compliance and process conformance
  • Automated communication
  • Modules can be added to over time to achieve an automated business environment
  • Leverage value locked up in existing information repositories
  • Replace or complement legacy or old tech solutions
  • Access the system from any device from desktop to smartphone or via a standalone app
  • Enable remote or field-based workers
  • Minimise human error and duplication
  • Support planning and scheduling
  • Improve data security
  • Unlimited users with secure and permission-based access
  • Ease of use reduces implementation and training time
  • Run on any Windows Server Virtual Machine or in any cloud-based technology
  • Enhance the customer experience


As a leading provider of no-code technology, we take pride in the security built into our platform. Excelpoint is ISO 27001 accredited and is Cyber Essentials, and IASME GDPR certified. Our platform is annually Vulnerability and Penetration Tested by a National Cyber Security Centre CHECK Company to offer you the assurance that the solutions you implement continuously strive for and meet the highest standards demanded in the modern era.
Developing systems at Excelpoint
  • We provide our customers with a safe and secure environment
  • Regular structured backups
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Encryption at rest of stored data
  • Multiple authentication methods, including Forms, Active Directory, Azure AD, 2FA
  • User-controlled login, access, permissions, and business rules
  • User activity tracking
  • Protected personal information
  • Secure access from any device
  • Regular security audits
  • Penetration and vulnerability testing by an external CHECK company
  • National security vetted SC cleared staff
  • Best practice and rapid response platform development


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