Remedi Solutions deploys Excelpoint’s no-code software in 30 days, replacing a bespoke system 2 years in development

Case Study Synopsis

  • 30 days to replace a comparable bespoke system that was 2 years in development
  • Facilitated 30% growth without further recruitment
  • 5 days to deploy a CRM and help desk solution
  • Saved the equivalent of hiring 2.5 members of staff in one department alone

Remedi Solutions

Transparency and efficiency are crucial in the healthcare sector, especially within care homes where the resident’s well-being is the top priority. Remedi Solutions, a pioneering healthcare company, has emerged as a leading provider of NHS prescriptions to the care home sector.

By combining a state-of-the-art pharmacy with an automated dispensing robot, Remedi has introduced a transformative model that streamlines medical management and ensures the highest level of transparency in care homes.

At the heart of Remedi’s approach is dispensing automation, an advanced system that significantly reduces the risk of errors in the medication dispensing process, enhancing patient safety and minimising potential complications. By automating this critical aspect of care home operations, Remedi enables the care providers to focus more on resident well-being and less on the logistical challenges of medication management.

Remedi’s Digital Journey

Remedi was undergoing rapid growth, prompting the realisation that streamlining internal processes were crucial for optimising efficiency. After investing two years in bespoke development, it had a partially successful automated dispensing solution that only achieved 50% of its desired outcomes and still necessitated manual interventions. Recognising the need for a more efficient alternative, the new Head of Information Technology decided to halt the project as it would have required an additional 18 to 24 months of development to meet expectations, and the journey began on a no-code solution.

Building a No-code Solution in weeks

After a demonstration of Excelpoint’s no-code software, Remedi recognised its potential to quickly address its challenges. It embarked on a project to replace its current bespoke solution with no-code and, within just 30 days, achieved a comparable solution. After an additional 15 days of configuration, the project reached a level that far exceeded Remedi‘s expectations.

The newly implemented system serves as a vital link between the NHS and Remedi‘s automated dispensing robot. It seamlessly receives data from the NHS at predefined intervals throughout the month, efficiently organising and manipulating the data by care homes. Subsequently, the system automatically transfers the collated data to the prescription dispensing robot, streamlining a previously labour-intensive manual sorting process.

Throughout the no-code software build, Remedi experienced the benefits of Excelpoint’s team of consultants. They could make changes to the system during phone calls and the consultants promptly implemented and tested the changes. This streamlined approach significantly reduced both time and costs associated with the project.


Excelpoint’s no-code software has revolutionised Remedi resulting in substantial cost savings and efficiency benefits:

  • Within three months after project completion, Remedi achieved a remarkable 30% growth without recruiting additional staff.
  • Remedi‘s Head of Information Technology successfully mastered the configuration of the software. It enabled the automation of the complex task of manually modifying pack sizes of medications, redirecting over 1000 items from manual to an automated process alongside other orders, and saved the equivalent of hiring two and a half staff members.
  • The versatility and speed of configuration facilitated a swift collaboration between Remedi and Excelpoint. In just five days, they deployed a CRM and help desk solution to manage all communication between Remedi‘s staff and care home customers. The solution includes automated ticketing, email management, and order requests.
  • Equipped with an internal skillset, Remedi now configures the system to meet future requirements as the company continues to grow and adapt to market demand.

Future Plans

Remedi has surpassed its initial expectations of the project and now plans to leverage no-code capabilities to a greater extent. Recognising its potential, Remedi has devised a strategy to achieve organisation-wide digitalisation:

  • Automation of its manual pharmacist tasks to create further efficiencies and enhance overall productivity.
  • Integration of hand-held devices and a barcode system for order tracking.
  • Automation of the sorting process for modifying pack sizes for an additional 25 medication packs increasing the processing to a remarkable 6,000 packs per week.
  • Exploration of further opportunities for no-code implementation across various aspects of operations to continually seek areas of improvement.


“Excelpoint’s no-code software has revolutionised our healthcare operations, surpassing all expectations by delivering a fully functional solution in 45 days!

It has seamlessly streamlined the management of NHS prescriptions for care homes, resulting in an impressive 30% growth without recruitment, and within an additional five days of configuration, it provided us with a CRM and help desk system, reinforcing its rapid and versatile capabilities.

We have embraced the potential of no-code technology, realising its pivotal role in supporting our growth plans and aligning our business and IT strategies. With this success, we are excited to further leverage no-code solutions in our future endeavours.” – Kevin Brownsword, Head of Information Technology, Remedi.

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