Modeshift replaces legacy software with no-code to enable growth and meet sustainable travel targets

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Modeshift, a not-for-profit membership organisation, works towards securing increased levels of safe, active, and sustainable travel in business, education, and community settings.

It is overseen by a management board, a group of volunteers who freely give their time to support, develop and deliver its activities.

Modeshift works with thousands of businesses, education, and community settings across the UK to improve Travel Plan standards, share best practices and award Modeshift STARS accreditation.

The Modeshift STARS schemes empower organisations by providing a centre of excellence for developing, delivering, and monitoring effective Travel Plans.

Currently, a third of local authorities (83) in England use the STARS Education scheme, which is supported by the Department for Transport. 34 local authorities use the STARS Business scheme for Workplace and Residential Travel Plan engagement.

The Challenge

As Modeshift experienced continuous growth, it identified its bespoke digital processes were reliant on outdated, inefficient technology. The small development team could not keep up with the number of changes required, and as a result, areas became highlighted for improvement.

The bespoke system managed two national accreditation schemes, STARS Education and STARS Business. It was adapted to suit current tasks, and the development team would need to write labour-intensive, time-consuming and costly code to adapt to changes.

Modeshift realised the disadvantages of having a bespoke system and the pressures on the development team. It was restricting agility and efficiency and becoming a barrier to growth.

The organisation decided to replace the legacy bespoke software with innovative no-code software to enable Modeshift to rapidly implement business process automation to realise cost savings, improve efficiency, enhance the user and customer experience and future-proof its systems.

The Outcomes

Excelpoint worked with Modeshift to configure a no-code software solution and rapidly deploy it across the organisation. The new solution enabled Modeshift to enjoy benefits the legacy bespoke software restricted.

The main advantage of Excelpoint’s no-code software was that it immediately introduced flexibility and agility, allowing Modeshift to rapidly flex its business process and systems when adapting to new challenges. On the launch day, over eighty users accessed the new system simultaneously, which was an immediate success, given that the previous system struggled with more than five users logged in at any one time.

Modeshift is now in the position of being able to adapt to future growth as well as any future challenges it may face.


“The Excelpoint team identified the process bottlenecks within our organisation, provided in-depth training and guidance, and presented new ideas as to how our organisation could operate more efficiently.

“The flexibility of Excelpoint’s no-code software put us back in control. Following a rapid implementation of the no-code software, we are now able to adapt to organisational challenges, realise the business process and workflow improvements and operate more effectively.”

Nick Butler, Modeshift Business Director

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