Minova implements a tender/bid register system providing visibility and approvals across its global opportunity pipeline


Minova, part of the Orica Group has a 138-year track record of developing and delivering innovative ground support products for the mining, construction and energy industries. It is known for its high-quality products, technical expertise and problem-solving culture. As a global leader, it operates in over 25 countries and has manufacturing plants on five continents.

The Challenges

Minova is dedicated to continuous improvement, and as such, it identified several business challenges.

One of the key challenges was to address the inefficiency of outdated paper and spreadsheet-based business processes.

Following a demonstration of Excelpoint’s no-code software, Minova quickly realised the true potential of the no-code system-building software in enabling a more streamlined and efficient business.

The key challenges Minova faced included:

  • Creating a sales forecast encompassing over 200 members of sales-focused staff in many countries and time zones and a variety of currencies utilising a complex suite of spreadsheets
  • Lack of controls and compliance resulting in poor quality information to base strategic decisions
  • A lack of visibility of forecasting and analysis at Group level
  • Data aggregation and transformation into one common format
  • The planned decommissioning of strategic systems and sub-systems
  • Liaising with multiple people in multiple time zones around the world with differing business pressures and resources

The Solution

Following a scoping exercise, Excelpoint had a clear vision of an agile, automated and cost-effective solution that could be implemented without disrupting the current business operations.

Through three separate phases, Excelpoint’s no-code software solution included:

  • Implementation of a tender/bid register system to provide global visibility of the opportunities
  • A suite of dashboards charting and graphing information to offer different insights for the different disciplines and management structures across the globe
  • In the Asia Pacific region, all products and services including ex-works costs, freight charges and FX rates were embodied in the system and managed by pricing staff
  • Specific customer contractual agreed pricing created by key account managers to reflect local negotiations
  • Sales staff able to consistently create quotations for products and services accounting for all the above and discounts, and following approval, automatically produce proposals with contractual terms and conditions automatically added to the bid register
  • The digitalisation of the capital expenditure process covers all aspects expected by a global organisation

The new systems and subsystems needed to be developed with appropriate workflows to accommodate multi-level approvals, new material requests and feasibility studies. They also needed to support innovation across a global stage embodying the delegation of authority from board level down across all regions and countries.

The Outcomes

With Excelpoint’s no-code software implemented, Minova has been able to break down barriers and overcome the key challenges it was facing. The new no-code software has realised cost-savings, improved global communications and provided a clear vision based on real-time and easily accessible information.

  • Visibility of business pipeline at a country, region and group level to support board decisions
  • Consistency in the way business opportunities are valued and graded
  • All Information can be visualised to support senior stakeholders in the decision-making process
  • All quotations that go to customers use official pricing, have standard terms and conditions, are branded, and have been through an approval process
  • The finance function has visibility of all capital expenditures across the globe
  • End-users are guided through all the appropriate options when raising a Capex, the rules of which are complex to understand and would require training
  • As the senior management team changes, these processes ensure that the right people are involved at the right time


“Excelpoint was constructive and positive in its approach to the project. The flexibility of its no-code software enabled us to rapidly implement a solution across the organisation. We are now operating more efficiently and have realised a return on investment.” Peter Assinder Global Head of Sales, Marketing & Technology, Minova Global.

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