CISC utilised internal expertise to self-build a no-code system to manage key services and ensure the efficient running of its power plants

Copenhagen Infrastructure Service Company

Copenhagen Infrastructure Service Company (CISC) provides best-in-class operations, commercial and compliance advisory services towards offshore and onshore wind projects, solar and thermal assets. CISC enables high-performing renewables through specialist competences, proactive business development and mutual value creation with trusted third-party suppliers.

The team has extensive experience and knowledge within the fields of regulated infrastructure and renewable energy. Competencies range within engineering, construction, corporate finance and project management.

The key opportunities relating to CISC’s projects included:

  • Shortening the fuel contract execution cycle using automated deal evaluation and approval
  • Integration of multiple reporting databases and file repositories for contracts and other legal
  • Development of tailored software to ensure consistent fuel quality control mechanisms at all power
    plants and storage facilities

The Challenges

Tasked with managing key services to ensure the efficient running of the power plants, CISC was restricted by inherited processes and systems. With the relevant skills within the business to improve the processes, it was looking to identify a software platform to enable it to self-build and configure the business processes for the power plants.

The legacy systems were labour-intensive and consisted of manual paper-based processes supported by spreadsheets, whiteboards and dependence on staff knowledge. Also, many processes were not documented.

The key challenges faced included:

  • Key tasks such as fuel procurement, plant operation and management provided through separate entities, each with their own IT infrastructure
  • Whiteboard, spreadsheet and staff knowledge-based processes
  • Accurate measurement of various measures of fuel quality to drive, accept or reject decisions
  • Due diligence in fuel supplier selection; field-based procurement team and decision-makers based across multiple sites

CISC identified the requirement to introduce process automation across key functions in the power plants:

  • Fuel procurement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Reporting

Why choose Excelpoint’s no-code solution?

  • Excelpoint’s no-code software met a key requirement of CISC. It presented CISC with the opportunity to utilise in-house expertise to self-build a no-code software solution to exact requirements ensuring ownership and futureproofing
  • The initial proof of concept for a fuel quality control app was configured and developed in collaboration, and was so successful it was immediately deployed as a live system at all of the relevant sites
  • Excelpoint’s no-code software has the ability to be configured in an agile manner ensures the project scope constantly evolves as both parties identify new opportunities to deploy the Excelpoint no-code software as part of a solution

The agile software and team approach enabled CISC to develop the no-code software itself in collaboration with Excelpoint, who provided training and guidance. Its understanding of the business processes and how it adapted to the no-code software added to the speed at which the solution was configured and implemented.

The Outcomes

The introduction of Excelpoint’s no-code software has provided CISC with many benefits, over and above those initially identified at the outset of the project. Its ease of use, along with structured training and support has enabled CISC to configure the software to create efficient and cost-effective business processes and workflows to achieve:

  • Integration with external services to provide clear due diligence processes for supplier selection
  • Full management of the biomass procurement and supply
  • Monitoring against key contract dates and monthly volume tracking
  • Integration with Microsoft Power BI, Google Maps, HERE maps, Companies House and Red Tractor accreditation scheme
  • Geolocation, GPS and postcode mapping to aid fuel delivery and storage by site
  • Automated logistics processes with route planning for delivery or collection of biomass
  • Automated complex logic biomass testing, rejection and return processes based on contract specification
  • A mobile app to record fuel quality control results and trigger automated notifications to stakeholders
  • Accurate forecasting, dashboard reporting and cost control

The project has enabled CISC to create powerful workflows to solve key business problems and enhance overall efficiency. It has integrated people, processes and information, enabling it to work with more flexibility and adapt to changes in its business environment.

CISC is progressing with additional projects to achieve enterprise-wide automation using Excelpoint’s no-code software to eliminate the need for multiple system and software suppliers.

The Testimonial

“Excelpoint’s no-code software enabled us to build a platform which exactly met our requirements and with training and support, we quickly configured a successful proof of concept and deployed it across the business. We are configuring the no-code software and building our solution with the confidence that the no-code software will adapt and grow with the business as and when required. The agility, ease and speed at which business processes can be automated and streamlined with Excelpoint will benefit many organisations across many sectors.”
Andy Karran, Vice President – Portfolio Optimisation, Copenhagen Infrastructure Service Co.


Click here to listen to Andy Karren on an episode of the Excelpoint podcast “On Point”.

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