Customer Guide: The Advantages Of Mobile Working With Excelpoint

18 September, 2017 Blog, General

Customer Guide: The Advantages Of Mobile Working With Excelpoint

As a user of Excelpoint, you can work from any device even when you’re away from your desk, but it’s surprising how many users still don’t access their system from mobile devices. In this blog, we explore the benefits of mobile working with Excelpoint and how it can have a positive impact on your performance as an individual and as a business.

App and Browser Access

Businesses like yours, who use Excelpoint have the flexibility to chose how to access your system from a mobile. Systems deployed using Excelpoint are accessible from a web browser on your mobile just as they are on a desktop, or you can generate a stand-alone mobile app at the click of a button which is downloadable and usable straight away.

If you would like to explore the differences between browser and app based software for mobile devices, read our blog ‘Mobile Business Software: App vs. Browser‘.

User Friendly

Our innovative software is fully responsive and will automatically adapt your system to suit your screen sizes to make mobile working with Excelpoint as easy and intuitive as possible. Accessing Excelpoint from a mobile device is as easy as logging in and working on a computer, users can use the system exactly how they would at their desk while they’re traveling or working from home to ensure that your team can operate efficiently.

We also have a technical guide for system administrators that want to gain a better understanding of how to use Excelpoint’s layout options.

No Additional Cost

One of the great things about Excelpoint is mobile working comes with no extra cost to any of our customers. There’s no app development or other costs associated with accessing your system from a mobile device via a web browser or stand-alone application. Which means that our clients, like you, can start working on your mobile or tablet straight away.


As more companies shift into modern working methods like flexible working hours, and field-based or home-based workers, it’s crucial that systems are adaptable and can meet changing requirements. The Excelpoint team continuously work to improve our software, so our solution always reflects the latest technology and working environments.

If you are an existing customer feel free to download the Excelpoint app for iOS, Windows or Android. Please note that if you are not an Excelpoint customer installing this app will do nothing for you, if you would like to talk to our sales team about becoming a customer, please get in touch today.

Customer Guide Growing Your Business With Excelpoint

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