Nacro implements Excelpoint to support its charitable services

The Customer

Nacro is a champion of social justice. With more than 50 years of experience, it helps the most vulnerable in society to change their lives and to reach their full potential by addressing social exclusion, inequality of opportunity and deprivation. It does this by designing and delivering programmes that equip people with the skills, advice, attitude and support they need. Its knowledge and experience help the most vulnerable in communities throughout England and Wales to change their lives and reach their full potential and aspirations.

The Challenge

Nacro’s existing incident management system was hard to use and included a significant number of screens and questions, some of which required the user to input the same information at several stages. Only managers could log incidents into the system which resulted in many incidents seen as minor incidents not being logged. Due to all of the problems surrounding the existing system, the total amount of incidents recorded was considered low for an organisation of its size, complexity and sector.

  • Incident management and visibility is crucial in this high-risk environment
  • Existing system very difficult and clunky to use
  • Staff reluctant to log incidents meant many were invisible
  • Only higher-level staff could log incidents resulting in some not being logged
  • Impeding management visibility to support decisions
  • Common-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software would not fit their requirement so had to choose bespoke – or so they thought

Nacro wanted to implement a new software platform that would increase user adoption and would work in a way that is suitable for its needs. After approaching numerous vendors, it found that no off the shelf solution was appropriate to meet some of its more unique challenges. Also, changing an off the shelf solution can come at a very high cost, and it would still be using a system that didn’t entirely suit its requirements.

Overall, Nacro required a system that worked for them and could quickly adapt to suit its evolving needs while simplifying the reporting of incidents for users and management. Consistency and referential integratory across disparate systems was a very real issue that was impeding management visibility.

The Outcomes

Excelpoint implemented an incident management system tailored to meet Nacro’s unique requirements. Excelpoint’s no-code software was fully integrated with three of Nacro’s existing systems, including human resources, learning management and property management systems. Now all incidents are logged and accounted for in the system, including the relevant contact information, escalation points and categorisation. The goal was to make the logging of incidents and subsequent access to the pertinent information as simple as possible for the end-user, maximising the automatic population of information from the other systems and providing easy navigation to further information stored in the systems if required.

  • Incident management system tailored to meet Nacro’s unique requirements
  • Fully integrated with HR, Learning Management and Property systems
  • All incidents are logged and accounted for in one system
  • Ease of use and simple inputs encouraged user adoption across the UK
  • Automation of some of the repeated tasks within the process
  • Enquiries and visualisations support management decisions and strategy
  • The entire organisational management structure are intelligently informed of incidents that they need to be aware of
  • Data analysis is quicker, more accurate and efficient
  • Enabled on-site implementation with migration to the “cloud”

The burden at the start of the process was reduced to a single screen with less than ten questions, making it easier and quicker for the user to report an incident from any browser on any device. Frontline staff can log events directly from their phone. Also, all employees can now record incidents, all of this to increase user adoption and the total number of incidents logged.

Managers can now monitor and track the progress of each incident added to the system. Once an incident is recorded, the system will automatically notify the relevant people in the organisation’s hierarchy depending on the severity of the incident, keeping all the relevant people up to date with necessary information. The information in the system provides management with the capability to analyse and identify trends and provide insight, while highlighting areas that require urgent attention or action to be taken, making the targeting of precious resources more accurate.

Nacro’s incident management system statistics:

  • Users logged 120% more incidents within the first two months of using Excelpoint. Compared to the total amount of incidents recorded throughout the whole of the previous year.
  • In the two years after implementation, users recorded over 3,000 incidents. Compared to less than 400 incidents registered in one year using the former system.

Overall, the solution simplified a complex and challenging process and provided management with visibility and insight not previously possible. The system enabled users at all levels to input and analyse information to aid the management and development of the charity as well as manage compliance obligations. The statistics also show that the organisation is seeing real and measurable benefits from the system.

The Testimonial

“Nacro chose Excelpoint as its preferred partner for several reasons compared to the other potential suppliers. By far and away the two biggest reasons were how open and honest Excelpoint was as to what the no-code software could and could not do, and how truly flexible the platform is to use, configure and integrate with other systems. Excelpoint has allowed us to make better use of existing systems and allowed a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of data captured. This has in turn provided information vital to ensuring Nacro’s continued success in transforming people’s lives.”

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