Hanson Case Study

Hanson UK Case Study

The Customer   

Hanson UK produces aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement-related materials, they operate around 300 manufacturing sites and employ over 3500 people. After being a client of ours for many years, Hanson has used our software to build systems that solve a range of issues and increase their operational efficiency.

Personal Development Review

The Challenge

As a responsible employer, Hanson UK is dedicated to ensuring all employees are treated fairly and have equal opportunities, and they naturally seek to nurture talent and extract the best possible output from the workforce. To support this, they conduct personal development plans with assessment and review activities at regular intervals in line with company policy and best practices within management and HR.
The personal development process is aligned with corporate objectives as strategic business plans change the personal development process may need to change too. Historically personal development reviews were managed through a paper-based process, which presented many problems, including lack of management visibility and poor adherence to process by managers and workers. Due to different standards and the existing paper-based process, the information was cumbersome and not useful from a trend or logical point of view.

The Solution

Excelpoint worked with the HR department to produce a system that reflected the policies and procedures required. The system needed to be easy for users to use without the need to cascade training to hundreds of people, and the information produced centralised in the business.

Hanson UK conducts their personal development reviews twice a year, and now all managers receive an automatic email from Excelpoint to notify them to start the review process. When the process has commenced, each manager has clear visibility of their responsibilities. It also lets senior management monitor managers to ensure they are performing their reviews on time.

Employees are scored on a consistent basis, all scores are added to the system and later moderated to ensure that every individual is treated impartially. This information builds a valuable source of trends and analysis as the years go by, assisting both talent progression and skills improvement.

Since adopting the new system, Hanson has seen a significant rise in the percentage of managers who now complete the process on time and in agreement with guidelines. The HR department can request amendments to the process, and they are made within days.

Anti-Monopoly Legislation

The Challenge

All businesses, no matter their size must comply with anti-monopoly legislation. Hanson UK has always complied with the legislation, but through defined business processes, they sought to be able to demonstrate best practice and hold up a leading light within the industry.

Hanson UK wanted to be able to report, analyse, show and provide information that illustrates how the company and their employees are fully acknowledging their responsibilities under Competition Law, as well as identifying any gaps. Implementing a system that allows them to do this sets them apart from many other organisations in this sector.

The Solution

Integrated with data flows from the company HR system, Excelpoint automates monthly communication with managers and operational staff that operate in areas of the business or roles where they may have reason to deal with suppliers and competitors. Hanson makes this proactive communication to record the responses received to a few basic, fundamental questions. The responses and none responses form the basis for reminders to be sent, and for managers to report on those people within the business that require training on the importance of complying with this important legislation.

Product Delivery Issues

The Challenge

There are 120 reasons why concrete may not be delivered to the intended recipient. If one of these reasons occurs, there is a possibility Hanson lose a substantial amount of money through costs associated with the journey, labour, and product disposal. As concrete has a two-hour shelf-life, Hanson only has a short time during which they can sell the concrete on to a new customer. This change to the business transaction requires two levels of approval from management, and all of the associated amendments have to be completed via the corporate ERP system to enable the product to be diverted. This process can often take more than two hours to complete.

The Solution

Using Excelpoint, the process was simplified so that the end user can go through the process from approval to accounting/documentation, to transaction quickly and efficiently. The system sends automatic emails to obtain the two levels of approval from the relevant people. It also documents changes, and is fully integrated with the ERP system enabling it to push the transaction through. Ultimately, using Excelpoint saves Hanson a substantial amount of money and ensures it is not wasting any valuable resource.


“From being in a corner, with no available internal resource to complete a key project component, to turning around a complicated business process in a matter of a few weeks was very refreshing. Two things impressed me, firstly, the responsiveness and understanding of the people at Excelpoint, and secondly, the product itself was very easy to understand allowing me as project manager to have a clear grasp of the possibilities and timescales for achieving solutions within a few days of my introduction to the software.” Hanson UK

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