How To: Change Browser Language Settings

27 October, 2016 Resources, Technical Tips

How To Change Browser Language Settings

Internet browser language settings control the format of Date, Time, and Numeric fields. For Excelpoint to display these fields in your locale’s style, it’s important to ensure that the settings are correct for your particular location and language. They’re either set within the user policy if using Internet Explorer and Safari or in the browser settings on third-party browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes third party browsers tend to default to the English (United States) language setting, even though you might be based in the United Kingdom.


To change the Language setting in Chrome, open a new browser window and click on the iconscreen-shot-2016-10-20-at-13-47-47 in the top right of the screen to drop down the context menu. Then select Settings.

Within the Settings menu, there will be a search box near the top of the page. Click on it and type “Language” to narrow down your options, then click on the “Language and input settings” button:


When you first install Chrome the languages window should look similar to the image below. If “English (United Kingdom)” isn’t listed you need to add it to the list by clicking the “Add” button at the bottom of the window and selecting the option in the list.


For Chrome to adopt a language from the list, you need to drag your locale to the top of the list. If you are from the U.K. your setting should look like the image below:



Once you have completed this, click “Finished” to ensure the changed settings are saved. Now you will have the correct browser language settings.


To change Browser Language Settings in Firefox, open a new browser window and click the icon26102016-1 in the top right corner of the screen to drop down the menu. From here select Options.

Within the Options tab, there is a list of choices in a panel on the left-hand side. From this, click the Content button and where it mentions Languages, click on the corresponding button “Choose…” and you will be presented with the following:




Firefox will adopt the language that is first on the list. To change this to the English (United Kingdom) setting add it to the list by clicking where it says “Select a language to add…”, find and select “English/United Kingdom [en-gb]” in the provided list and then click “Add” next to it this will add it to the top of the list. Make sure you click OK, and this will save your preferences.