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Hanson UK Case Study

Hanson Case Study

27 June, 2017

A leading supplier of heavy building materials to the construction industry! Hanson UK produces aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement-related materials, they operate around 300 manufacturing sites and employ over 3500 people.

The Excelpoint Partnership Programme: BusinessPort Case Study

BusinessPort Partner Case Study

8 June, 2017

Learn about our partnership with BusinessPort and how our collaborative solution provides both businesses with a stronger product as well as enhanced resources, opportunities and capabilities.

Nacro Case Study

31 March, 2017

A social justice charity. Changing lives by designing and delivering services to give people skills, advice and support to move on with their lives. Nacro is a champion of social justice, with more than 50 years experience. Helping the most vulnerable in society to change their lives and to reach their full potential by addressing […]

Excelpoint Software On Laptop Tablet and Phone

Designing For Different Screen Sizes In Excelpoint

13 December, 2016

This technical guide is aimed at Excelpoint administrators wanting to gain a better understanding of how to use Excelpoint’s layout options. We’ll focus on some settings which help you design applications which work well on a range of different sized mobile and desktop screens.

How To Change Browser Language Settings

How To: Change Browser Language Settings

27 October, 2016

Internet browser language settings control the format of Date, Time, and Numeric fields. For Excelpoint to display these fields in your locale’s style, it’s important to ensure that the settings are correct for your particular location and language. They’re either set within the user policy if using Internet Explorer and Safari or in the browser settings on […]

Which Browser Should I Use For Excelpoint?

Which Browser Should I Use For Excelpoint?

20 October, 2016

Quick spoiler summary: We fully support recent versions of all major browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari all run our application well. If you’re free to choose though, Chrome runs Excelpoint a little faster on Windows and Safari is quickest on OSX. Read on if you’re interested in the techy detail…

Excelpoint Version 3.2 Layout Editor

Excelpoint Version 3.2 Release Notes

The latest version of our software, Excelpoint Version 3.2 is now ready for release! We will install this version by default for all our new customers. Any of our existing customers can upgrade their software free of charge. Find out all of the exciting new features available here… In this release, we have dropped the previous […]

Abergower Digital Services Ltd Case Study

Abergower Digital Services Ltd Case Study

19 October, 2016

One of the UK’s premier suppliers of data capture and document scanning services. Abergower Digital Services Ltd capture, process and manage your business paperwork more efficiently, they have a heritage in the scanning paper and processing services stretching back more than twenty years. Their main aim as a company is to release business value that is currently locked […]