Excelpoint Version 3.6 Release Notes

The latest version of our software, Excelpoint Version 3.6, is now available for our existing and future clients. Discover the new features and functionality we have included.

  • A new Planner View for calendar-like configurations including:
    • Drag and drop blocks.
    • 5,6 and 7 day work day weeks.
    • Colour coding of blocks based on data values.
    • Embrace user performed processes for multiple blocks.
    • This would work as a digital version of a conventional planner chart that would, for example be found on many office walls.
  • Introduced the %IF% function to expression handling, allowing more flexibility in creating alternative values or sub expressions.
  • Introduced extended User Attributes by linking to a data source via %USER:Fx% allowing the system to utilise information associated with the end user regardless of whether that information is in Excelpoint or not.
  • Support the insertion of Attachments into output documents, allowing images, charts other media to be outputted in the document.
  • Allow media fields to support the upload of attachments to a specific field on screen as part of the user dialogue rather than at the end.
  • Implement searching on Meta Data.
  • New %DISTANCE% function to calculate distance between Grid References or Lat/Long combinations.
  • Ability to copy an external information type to Internal and import the data. This makes the migration of data a simple 3 click process.
  • Allow Search Results drill through to go from char to data, filter further, then back to chart and repeat.
Stand-alone Mobile App
  • Support Force Generate definitions to allow multi-screen input.
  • Push Notifications support Microsoft Azure Hub.
  • Rework Bar Code Capture.
  • Support full lookup list processing including, enhanced lists, combo box, sub lists, filtered lists and multi select lists.
  • Implement NFC Capture for RFID data capture.

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