Excelpoint Version 3.5 Release Notes

The latest version of our software, Excelpoint Version 3.5, is now available for our existing and future clients. Discover the new features and functionality we have included.

Maps Integration
  • Integration with three major mapping platforms: Google, Bing and Open Layers.
  • Support for GeoCoding and GeoTagging via the new %GEOCODE% function, giving accurate coordinates for an address.
  • Show multiple pushpins (points) on a Map. For example, these could be from search results representing customers, suppliers, jobs or delivery routes.
  • Shade Areas of the map based on boundary points.
  • Calculate routes between multiple waypoints.
  • Show radius areas around points. For example different areas may have different pricing for making a delivery to that area.
Active Directory Authentication Improvements
  • Support for users being members of multiple groups with the merge of defined permissions.
  • Merge of defined menu options and menu structure.
  • Introduce %AD_MEMBERSHIP% variable that returns a list of AD Groups facilitating business logic for information access
  • Build on the above Active Directory improvements to dynamically manage users’ access to system functionality.
Improvements to Charts
  • A modernised graphs and charts UI (user Interface).
  • More chart types.
  • Drill through to underlying information from chart elements by a simple double click.
  • Use of dynamically updating charts on the add and edit screen and on Tabs.
Other New Core Product Features
  • Introduced one box global search capabilities, allowing users to search for “anything anywhere”.
  • Including the content of documents in searches, whether these are attachments in Excelpoint or designated file system locations.
  • Allow the standard Search Helper to be enabled or disabled.
  • Allow Generate / Mapping definitions to use %PROCESS_INPUT% and %STEP_INPUT% variables to further enhance automated processes.
  • Provide a new option to inhibit any admin functions and amendments on live servers.
  • Improvements to our Data Lifecycle view to allow users to highlight changes and select which fields they would like to show.
  • Create and Add Item (+) button beside Lookup Lists that allows an item of that type to be added and selected.
Mobile App
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Introduced Auto Sync defined every X number of minutes.
  • Support attachments from the mobile app, both sent to and from the app.
  • Respects Access Tests for download to Mobile.
  • Respect Geolocation for Mobile solutions.

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