Engineering & Manufacturing Peer Networking Breakfast – Carbon Reduction

Join us at the Engineering and Manufacturing Network peer networking breakfast hosted by Excelpoint to get an insight into all of the above, and hear from engineers and manufacturers on their experience, products and services that will help you to meet carbon reduction targets.

Meeting NET Zero targets for the Engineering & Manufacturing sector is arguably the biggest challenge since the Industrial Revolution and whilst some companies have made great strides, some have yet to start.

  • But where do you start?
  • How long do you have to get it done?
  • What are the financial implications if you don’t?

Awareness around sustainability issues is growing, with 95% of SMEs now aware of the 2050 Net Zero target – but with increasing awareness comes the need to take greater action.

Having a firm and realistic plan in place is key – but knowing about the products and services that can help you achieve it is also essential and what better way than listening to your peers.

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