Top 6 Time-Wasting Tasks For Businesses

18 October, 2016 Blog, General

Top 6 Time-Wasting Tasks For Businesses

You could walk into any department in any business and find someone performing a time wasting activity. It happens in every business of all sizes. But if you want to increase the productivity levels of yourself or your team you need to stop doing these six time-wasting things.

1. Internal Emails

The number one culprit of time wasting for every business is emails, surprisingly not external emails! A study carried out by Atos Origin shows that the average employee spends 40% of their working week dealing with internal emails. So your team is not working on anything productive until Wednesday of each week.

2. Paperwork

Did you know that the PWC reports that every employee spends about 15 minutes to file a document properly? In fact, every element of a paper-based process is wasting an unnecessary amount of time for your business.

3. Multitasking

We all like to believe that we are great at multitasking. But research shows that only 2% of people really can really multitask. So most of us are actually being unproductive by trying to focus on more than one task at once.

4. Interruptions

Interruptions are inevitable in the workplace, but they are still wasting valuable time. A survey performed by shows that a staggering 43% of people say interacting with co-workers caused them to miss the most work.

5. Lack Of Motivation

A study shows that 11% of workers claim the main reason they waste time at work is a lack of incentive. Ensuring that your team are happy and motivated within the workplace will automatically decrease the amount of time wasted.

6. Disorganisation

If you are using a paper-based process within your business, chances are you will have a messy desk. But research shows that disorganisation results in time wasting. In a 2008 survey, 27% of people said they felt disorganised at work. 91% of those people said they would more productive if their workspace was organised.


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