Large Versus Small Software Vendors

13 February, 2017 Blog, General

Why You Should Buy From A Small Software Vendor

In some organisations, there’s a pre-conceived idea that to receive an innovative and inspiring solution to business problems you must choose a large well-established vendor or that selecting a smaller vendor is risky and leaves you and your organisation exposed. Well, that is not the case. To help change this pre-conception we are highlighting all of the strengths of small software vendors.

Firstly, we are aware that all of these points do not apply to all software vendors because some large vendors do behave as small providers and vice versa. Both large or small vendors can provide innovative solutions that can solve your business challenges. So it is important you focus on choosing the right software vendor for your business.

Stronger Business Relationships

Everyone has heard of Apple, Microsoft and Oracle but there are thousands of smaller vendors who are more agile, innovative and cost effective than the big players. However, these are not the only reasons you should consider using and supporting smaller software vendors. Some industry aware businesses recognise that strong relationships with smaller, agile and innovative vendors assist them in gaining an edge in their marketplace. As well as the contractual relationship, smaller vendors build a more personal or personality based client/supplier relationship. This level of understanding means that both parties can predict the challenges the other will face.

The communication chain between the customer and a small vendor’s development staff is far shorter than the corresponding chain of communication with larger vendors. Also, due to the stronger more personal relationship communication is often more friendly and productive. Generally speaking, you can deal with people who understand that entrepreneurial drive and they are more able to “make things happen”.

Motivated Employees

Staff in smaller companies see a direct relationship between their customers and their payslip. It is easier to hide poor performing employees in bigger organisations whereas smaller vendors have to employ people with the appropriate skills for their role. Smaller companies and their staff have to be more creative than the larger corporate entities to survive. So they are often working harder to come up with new and innovative ways to improve their product and customer service. Also, employees working for smaller software vendors tend to have a greater degree of empowerment which in turn brings responsibility and job satisfaction.

In most smaller companies the original founders, managers and shareholders are usually in a hands-on capacity, this means that the customer deals with the people that have demonstrated the entrepreneurial and leadership skills that have to lead to the success of the business.

Customer Driven

Small software vendors are not just customer focussed; they are customer driven. Often, smaller purchases for a larger vendor are more strategic and valuable for smaller providers. So a small vendor will treat their customer with greater focus, attention and responsiveness than a larger vendor might. Usually, there’s not any tedious red tape to cut through or hoops to jump through with a small supplier. Finally, smaller vendors are more flexible and open to changing something to meet their customer’s requirements.

We are very proud to belong to the club of the flexible, innovative and excellent small software vendor! Hopefully, now you understand all of the benefits that come with purchasing software solutions from a small vendor if you are looking to buy a new software solution get some helpful advice and tips here.


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