Everything You Need To Know About Paperless Office Solutions

9 January, 2017 Blog, General

Everything You Need To Know About Paperless Office Solutions

Globally we are using more paper than ever before. Paper usage was predicted to deteriorate due to the electronic revolution. But, that isn’t the case. Demand for paper is expected to double before 2030! That’s why we all need to increase our efforts to reduce paper consumption in both our work and personal lives. So that’s why more business, including yours, should be introducing paperless office solutions.

To help you understand more about paperless office solutions we have pulled together everything you need to know. Including a range of shocking statistics about current paper usage, the benefits that paperless solutions provide, a variety of real paperless solutions you can implement and five quick tips to keeping your office paperless.

Paper Statistics

  • The average worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. (source)
  • On average somewhere in the region of 68% of all the paper used goes to waste. (source)
  • Global consumption of paper has increased by almost half since 1980. (source)
  • 76% of respondents admitted to printing non-work related documents in the office. 6% are printing non-work related documents every day! (source)
  • Every person in the UK consumes the equivalent of 4.5 trees per year. (source)

Some of the most common reasons for wasting paper in the office include accidentally printing duplicates, printing the wrong files, printing emails that do not need to be printed and printing on the wrong settings.

Why Your Business Should Go Paperless?

For every 12 filing cabinets, your company will require an additional employee to maintain them. (source) Also, the storage of paper documents can be an enormous, never-ending expense. So converting your business to a paperless office solution can save you a considerable amount of money.

Paperless solutions provide your business with a higher level of security for your confidential data this means that no one without the appropriate authorization level will have access or visibility to any sensitive information.

Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time searching for a single document in a room full of filing cabinets? Paperless solutions provide you with a quick and easy access to the relevant information. Storing a digital document in a system is also less time-consuming than storing a physical record within a filing system. So going paperless will increase productivity levels throughout your business.

Grow your businesses green thumb. It’s not only your business that will reap the rewards of a paperless office solution, and the planet will too!

Take a minute to think about the companies you do business with or the companies you admire. How much paper are they using? In your personal life think about the companies you use for online shopping, hotel and flight booking. Do they send you paper confirmations or invoices? If they are using paper, would you prefer it if they reduced the amount? If they don’t use paper, does this improve your experience?

Paperless Office Solutions

Implement a new document management software solution to replace your filing cabinets and paper-based documentation. Or if you already have a document management system in your business, rethink how you are currently using your system and how it can help your business go paperless.

Introduce policies that encourage your employees to avoid unnecessary paper use. For example, only printing something when there’s no other option and ensuring all your communication is made via telephone or email and if possible automated.

Promote a digital task management system throughout the business and train your employees how to use the task management system.

Use a mobile-friendly software platform so that staff can input information on the go rather than writing it down to input the information when they get back to the office this notoriously causes double handling, transposition errors, and inaccuracies by completing transactions after the event.

Don’t forget to analyse your existing software systems to see how they can minimise printing before looking at new solutions.

Quick Tips To Keep Your Office Paperless

Keeping paper consumption in your office to the bare minimum is going to be a continuous but worthwhile task. So here are seven tips that might help you keep your employees from pressing the ‘print’ button!

  1. Adjust your employees’ computer settings to make on-screen reading comfortable.
  2. Use an electronic signature to minimise the need for printing, signing, and mailing documents.
  3. Minimise paper advertising wherever possible. Store catalogues online, send electronic newsletters, brochures, annual reports, etc.
  4. Did you know the typical office worker makes 61 trips per week to the fax machine, printer and copier? Move your copiers and printers further away from employees to discourage use – if possible try removing them altogether!
  5. Analyse all printer and copier settings to minimise paper use. Default to double-sided printing for all documents.
  6. Communicate your goals with vendors, customers and banks. Ask them for digital copies of invoices, statements and documentation.
  7. Add a message to your email signature asking people to only print if necessary.

Overall, we believe that paperless office solutions are the future for businesses all over the globe, but if more businesses like yours adapt now, the quicker you and the planet will reap the benefits.


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