What You Need To Know About Mobile Construction Software

Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Construction Software

This blog explores how the use of mobile construction software is transforming the industry, why more organisations in the industry should be using mobile business apps and how to choose the right solution for your business.

Mobile Is Transforming The Construction Industry

The 2016 Construction Technology Report revealed that the construction industry is entering the “mobile revolution” with a 20% increase in the number of participants saying that mobile capabilities are Important and Very Important compared to the 2012 report.

The report also stated that in comments survey participants expressed frustrations with companies who claim to offer mobile capability but that only extends to mobile browser and doesn’t extend into native mobile app capability or businesses that provide mobile app capability but no “systems” focused back end processing.

The Benefits Of Mobile Business Apps For Construction Companies

The use of mobile apps allows organisations to reduce the risk of human error; apps enable users to input and access information real time. Some mobile applications will allow users to process business transactions while no network connection is available, and the resultant information will be held on the local device before being pushed to the system once you have a connection, providing a fully auditable trail and enables users to use and capture information anytime, anywhere.

Users will suffer less frustration, and the business will gain valuable hours by minimising time wasting tasks including storing and locating paper-based information, double entry of information, error correction due to misinterpretation. Using software provides insight into business performance, communication and information, ensuring that employees are accountable for their actions. Also, your software solution should be capable of scaling and adapting as your business grows and develops.

All of the benefits associated with using mobile construction software will increase efficiency and save valuable time and money which helps your organisation to focus on important jobs/tasks and promote growth.

How To Choose A Mobile Solution

There are plenty of vendors that will offer both off the shelf and bespoke solutions with mobile capability, but you need to determine which solution is best suited to your organisation and your requirements.

Firstly, do your research, see what’s out there and what features your mobile solution will need. From there you will be able to identify vendors that offer the most appropriate software for your requirements. It’s important that you engage with your shortlisted vendors, watch demonstrations and identify if there are any issues with the software capability that could cause problems for your company. After you have evaluated the companies and their software you will need to determine which product is the right solution for your business. Our software produces mobile apps for the three main operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) at the click of a button.


Mobile construction software provides organisations with streamlined processes, easier access to information and increased productivity both on and off site, to learn more about choosing a software provider read our blog ‘5 Essential Qualities You Business Needs In A Software Vendor‘.

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