Welcome Aboard Gary – The Latest Addition To The Excelpoint Team

8 June, 2017 Blog, News

Meet The Latest Addition To The Excelpoint Team - Gary

More good news for Excelpoint as our team continues to expand, our latest addition to the Excelpoint team is Gary, who recently joined our growing sales and marketing department. To help you get to know more about Gary and his impressive career we have asked him a few questions about himself and his future with Excelpoint.

With over twenty-five years’ experience working within the creative, marketing, sales and business community Gary is well suited to the role. In the past, he has successfully established two companies, as well as managing, clients, teams, sales strategies, and marketing campaigns.

He is a family man who enjoys cooking, golf, kayaking and collecting retro toys. Gary also enjoys socialising, travelling and experiencing new cultures and trying different food and wine.

Q: Gary, what is it about Excelpoint that interested you in working with us? 

A: After my initial discussion it became evident that the company has a sound footing and high professional ethics. The software we deliver is exceptional and aimed at helping businesses. I’m looking forward to helping the company expand nationally.

Q: What are your first impressions of our company and the team?

A: My first week has been a huge learning curve but a very enjoyable one. Our offices are superb with excellent facilities. There are a lot of different personalities, and it is not every day you get to join a company with team members in the North East, Leeds, Bristol and Europe. A superb skill set and a real team methodology.

Q: It’s a controversial question in our office, but do you prefer Windows or Apple?

A: As an ex-designer and creative business owner my leanings will always be towards Apple, but I’m very happy with Windows also…… so I’ve probably not answered this question very well.

Q: Tell us one fun fact about yourself. 

A: My daughter tells me I have the worst one-line dad jokes in the world and she cringes when I answer her questions with a song.

“There are two monkeys in the bath….. One says “ooh, ooh, aah, aah, ooh, ooh, aah aah! The other one says …. “Well put some cold in”…… get it…… 

Ian Brown, managing director of Excelpoint, added: “Gary is a great addition to the Excelpoint team, he has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the role. I am looking forward to watching him help us develop the company in the future.”

The whole team at Excelpoint has been happy to welcome Gary to the business, and we all look forward to working with him.


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