The Key Components Of A Formal Mobile Policy

18 October, 2016 Blog, General

The Key Components Of A Formal Mobile Policy

The number of businesses embracing mobile technology within the workplace is growing. As a business, Excelpoint understands the benefits of mobility, that’s why our software is mobile friendly! This blog will help you create a mobile policy or adapt your existing procedure to ensure that the organisation and the workforce are educated appropriately on mobile usage.


Firstly state which devices will be used and what access they will have.

Here are some things you might want to add under your devices section of your mobile policy:

  • A list of different devices that can access your business data.
  • Information on whether employees will be using personal or business-issued devices.
  • Different access levels for different devices.


Because security is important for every business it’s helpful to set guidelines for using mobile devices.

Here are some things you might want to add into your security section of your mobile policy:

  • Password requirements for each device.
  • Different security levels for different devices.
  • Clearance levels for devices that can access confidential information.
  • Information on devices can be used outside of the workplace.
  • Storage details for any business-issued device.


It’s also important that your employees have a clear understanding of which applications are acceptable to use.

Here are some elements to consider adding into your applications section of your mobile policy:

  • A list of approved mobile applications.
  • A list of banned mobile applications.
  • Information on how to request approval for an application.
  • Additional information on using applications on personal devices.


Another important element of your policy is stating the implications of noncompliance.

Here are some elements you might include in your compliance section of your mobile policy:

  • The disciplinary procedure for not complying on one occasion.
  • The disciplinary procedure for not complying on more than one occasion.
  • Also some additional information on lost or stolen devices.

So, these components will pull together to create a formal mobile policy for your business. As a result, we hope you embrace even more mobile technology in the future.

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