IT Manager Guide: Effective Process Management In A Growing Company

16 January, 2017 Blog, General

IT Manager Guide: Effective Process Management In A Growing Company

In growing companies, there’s a lot of pressure on the IT manager to provide solutions for numerous problems within the business. But there’s usually a lack of time, budget and resource to deliver these solutions. So, our IT Manager Guide provides cost-effective process management system ideas that you can use within your growing business.

As your company grows, your data and information become increasingly valuable. As the IT Manager, you are responsible for ensuring this information is kept secure. So it is important that you are implementing secure systems with the flexibility to grow and develop with the business.

The IT Manager Guide To Effective Process Management

When it comes to business systems, smaller companies aim for lower costs, while enterprises aim for integration and stability, all businesses now aim for agility and flexibility. As a growing business, you should be starting to think more like an enterprise, with the aim to introduce higher levels of stability, scalability and flexibility.

For example, in a growing sales department, existing manual processes will start to cause major problems. Managing leads, proposals and existing customers through paper or spreadsheet-based processes works for smaller businesses. But growing companies need a smoother, optimised process for efficiently handling the growing amount of data. The sales team might require access to information while on the move, which the existing manual processes won’t provide. Like any growing department, they will want a system that automates all of those tedious and time-wasting aspects of the process and provides visibility and easy access to their information.

If you have several different departments coming to you with problems, that doesn’t mean you need several different software platforms. Every successful IT Manager understands the importance of flexible software systems with the capability to solve a variety process problems. So, once you have identified your current challenges spend some time researching which business systems will solve most if not all of these problems.

With flexible and automated processes users feel empowered instead of inhibited which increases productivity and helps the overall growth of your business. If you find a cost effective software solution that solves your problems quickly and smoothly, you will be aiding the business growth while increasing the happiness and productivity of employees.

  • Research before purchasing a new software solution.
  • Quantify the cost benefits associated with solving business problems you face.
  • Remember that you need to start thinking like an enterprise, not a small business.
  • Think of the bigger picture. Reflect on how one solution can solve multiple problems.
  • Focus on the cost, focus on the value of the product and the problems it will solve for your business.
  • Let limited time, resource or budget stop you from helping drive business development.
  • Underestimate the power of automation in process management.
  • Allow existing manual systems to inhibit business growth.

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