The CIO Guide To Effective Team Management

26 June, 2017 Blog, General

The CIO Guide: 6 Effective Team Management Tips

To lead digital transformation, CIOs have to deliver talent management and leadership efficiently this CIO guide gives you seven effective team management tips to increase the performance of you and your team.

Encourage Self-development

As a manager you should be maximising the value you receive from existing employees, to do this you must conduct one on one meetings to identify areas that each member of your team to identify their strengths and the areas they can develop. Also, you should encourage each employee to be proactive and work on their self-development, by doing this you will build a stronger relationship with your whole team.

Utilise Strengths

Maintain high levels of productivity by appointing members of your team to jobs that are best suited to their existing strengths and expertise.

Solve Problems

CIOs, like yourself, solve problems for different departments or people every day, so if your team points out a problem, it is your responsibility to find a solution to it like you would for anyone else. Make sure you communicate with your team until you fully understand their concern, once you have established the issue regularly update your team on your progress and finally, close the problem by offering a solution.

Always Communicate

Communication is a key factor in every form of relationship, and as a manager, you need to create open dialogue and communication between yourself and each employee in your department this will help you to resolve any disagreements or misunderstandings in the future.

Develop Your Skills

Earlier we mentioned maximising the value of your employees, but you also need to focus on your self-development to improve your skills as both a leader and a manager. Try reading books, signing up for courses and learning from others to increase your knowledge and expertise. We understand that most CIOs are managing a very busy workload, finding the time might seem impossible, to learn more about time management read our blog ‘Quick Time Management Strategy For Business Leaders.’

Remember To Explain Why

It is not uncommon for managers, in any department or business to forget to tell their team why have asked them to do doing something. But if you explain why this task will help solve a particular problem, or how it will contribute to a bigger goal, your team will feel included and in turn more motivated.

Promote A Friendly Work Environment

Although this may sound obvious, it is often easy to forget that your team needs to work together, the simplest way to create a stronger team is to make the working environment a friendly atmosphere people function better in an environment that feels comfortable and relaxed, rather than quiet and formal.


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