Why Every Care Home Should Be Using Software

22 May, 2017 Blog, General

The Advantages Of Using Care Home Software Solutions

Discover the reasons why you should be replacing your paper and spreadsheet-based processes with a software based system, including the benefits and features of care home software solutions.

Why Paper/Spreadsheet Based Processes Are Inefficient

If your organisation operates from paper or spreadsheet-based process, you will not be running at your maximum productivity levels, paper-based information is costly to store, hard to update, file and locate and is at risk of being lost or damaged. Only one person can access spreadsheet-based information at a time; this can cause delays, force people to work from copies, and make your staff unproductive, and neither solution provides automated tasks or clear visibility and control of information, or multi-person access.

How Software Improves Your Internal Processes

Firstly, implementing a software solution will save your care home valuable time and money while ensuring that your organisational compliance with regulations but in a productive and less time-consuming method. Here are some of the benefits that the right software solution will provide:

  • Easy multi-user access to information.
  • Manage stock levels for food, medication, supplies, etc.
  • Record and store resident information.
  • Asset management.
  • Manage staff data including holidays, training, Reviews, and absences.
  • Generate reports quickly.
  • Automate tasks and jobs that previously wasted time.
  • Document management.

A software solution will connect internal information, communication and processes making the overall access of internal information as simple and efficient as possible while removing human error and allowing both staff and management to work more efficiently. Also, implementing a system that enables you to manage absences and personal development will help improve your employee engagement and wellbeing. The most significant benefit that care home software solutions provide is the improvement of resident care through increasing employee productivity, information management and saving valuable time and resource.


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