The Business Software Purchasing Journey

24 November, 2016 Blog, Infographics

The Business Software Purchasing Journey [Infographic]

We find that lots of businesses have identified a problem that they know can be solved or improved by implementing business software. But they are unsure of the steps they need to take to purchase a software solution. So, to help those companies, we have created an infographic that takes you through the business software purchasing journey.

The business software purchasing journey is the basic steps that every business goes through before purchasing software. If you follow all of the steps, you will obtain a software solution that suits your needs and solves, or at least improves your problem.

The Excelpoint Software Purchasing Journey Infographic:

The Business Software Purchasing Journey Infographic

There are more steps along the way but once you understand the basics in our infographic most of the little steps will come naturally. For those of you who need some more guidance, we will be posting a more in-depth version very soon!


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