Quick Time Management Strategy For Business Leaders

16 December, 2016 Blog, General

Quick Time Management Strategy For Business Leaders

Managers and team leaders in every department in any industry or sector have a lot of responsibilities on top of a large workload. Handling your time is essential as a business leader so, here’s a time management strategy including some useful time management techniques that will help you to make the most of your day.

Time Management Techniques

As a manager/team leader, you should have the confidence within your team to delegate certain tasks to your employees. If you are employing the right people, they will be able to take on some of your tasks.

Outsource any jobs or tasks that are not at the core of your business future. You are wasting too much of your time and effort on jobs that other companies can complete quicker and easier.

Don’t be a slave to your inbox, conquering effective communication will save you loads of time. Once you have established your communication channel and the appropriate time limits stick to it. Training your team to conquer their communication will increase the productivity of your whole department.

But most importantly, when you have that little bit of downtime ensure you are spending it proactively. Catch up on the latest news in your industry/sector or learn something that will develop and improve your skills.

Time Management Strategy

Now you have some new and exciting techniques to try, but every great leader knows that having a strategy is key to success. So here is our time management plan to help you implement those effective techniques.

Firstly, make a list of your day-to-day or routine tasks and jobs. Some jobs are more important than others, prioritise them, so you know which ones require that extra time and effort. If you carry out these tasks or jobs on a regular basis you should have a good idea of how long they all take, block the appropriate time out on your calendar in advance. Also, identify any jobs that would be suitable to outsource and tasks you can delegate to members of your team/department.

Now that you have delegated some of your duties you should spend your initial free time researching suitable companies to outsource other jobs too. Allocate a daily time block for communication to answer any emails or calls. Only answer communication outside of your time block if it’s urgent once you have mastered this spend some of your extra time training your department/team to do the same.

Once that’s all in place you can spend some of your extra time to focus on some self-development. Allocate a half or full day each week to catching up on the latest industry news or taking a course, anything that can help you to become a better leader for your team.


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