6 Best Practices For CIOs In 2017

6 January, 2017 Blog, General

6 CIO Best Practices For 2017

With CIOs facing a growing workload in a constantly evolving role. Finding the time for self-improvement and growth can be tough. But it’s important for everyone to take the time to hone their skills. So here are our six CIO best practices for 2017, that will help you to develop as an individual and as a department lead.

1. Stop talking, start listening

Most of you are probably thinking ‘that goes without saying’, but some CIOs are not hearing what other departments in their business are saying this can cause friction between IT and other departments. To avoid or solve this issue, hold regular meetings with other department leads. Also, don’t write down a list of problems that after the meeting you will probably never look at, take the time to fully interact with the people in the room and understand what their problems are and how you can find the solution that will help them.

2. Solve unknown problems

You can wait for people to come to you with questions, or you can find the problems that they didn’t know existed and provide the solution. Solving problems before they have knowingly caused issues for the business will show management that you are proactive and dedicated to improving the performance of the organisation. Over time you will develop the skills to identify problems and their solutions quickly and more efficiently.

3. Instil vision in your team

Having your own goals and ideas for the business is essential. But do your team share your aims and ideas? To help your team feel part of the corporate vision give them a vague goal, from there, they will come up ideas and steps to help reach this aim. As a result, you will have a highly motivated team who not only believe but feel invested in your vision too.

4. Do what’s best for the business

You are never going to please everyone. Trying to will just send you round in circles and hinder your performance. But if you are making strategic decisions to improve the overall business performance you will be helping each department, even if they don’t realise it at the time.

5. Put processes over technology

Do you find yourself putting technology over process? You’re not alone; it’s a very common issue. Always remember that processes should be the top priority over technology.

6. Your team should be on your side

Although it’s important to have people in your team that believe in the goals and visions. It’s also crucial that they believe in you as the manager, and your capability to drive and nurture your department and vision. Surround yourself with a talented and motivated people who can help you grow as a person and as their department lead.

If you start to incorporate these six CIO best practices into your everyday role, you will find yourself becoming an even better CIO in 2017 and beyond.


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