4 Ways Technology Can Improve Wellbeing At Work

7 August, 2017 Blog, General

4 Ways Technology Can Improve Wellbeing At Work

Technology has the capability to become a key component to improving wellbeing at work; it provides a range of innovative ways for employers to support and promote good health and well-being in their workforce. We have explored four ways that you can use technology to increase employee well-being and the benefits it provides.

Online Questionnaires

Creating digital surveys that can assess the mental and physical well-being levels of employees on a regular basis, this can be a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly questionnaire depending on your available time and resources. The information gathered from these questionnaires can help your organisation identify common problem areas financial troubles, work-related stress, alcohol abuse, etc. and create a strategy on how you can engage with the workforce to address and resolve these issues and therein support the individuals concerned.

Performance Management

A recent survey of 500 HR executives found that when asked about the biggest flaws of the annual review process, the top response was that they cause too much tension and anxiety for employees and managers and 41% believe they fail to improve employee performance at all. (source) Which ultimately has an impact on wellbeing at work, so it’s important that more companies find new ways to manage employee performance.

Instead of annual reviews, employers can take a different performance management approach where staff give and receive feedback on a regular basis, which removes the anxiety related to the annual performance reviews and should also increase employee productivity throughout the year.

Wellbeing App

Mobile applications are an efficient way to distribute information, questionnaires and advice to staff, and this can extend into well-being at work. A well-being app can enable your organisation to signpost employees to suitable information or advice on specific issues, send a push notification on a daily basis with health advice or goals, track physical/mental health via questionnaires or calculators as well as allowing employees to send information or feedback directly through the app.

Excelpoint provided Belfast Health and Social Care Trust with an app for their b well initiative, learn about their solution by reading our case study.

Remote Working

With browser-based systems, users can access information from home via a desktop or mobile device. These systems provide your employees with a more flexible working environment which helps strike the right balance between work and personal lives. Resulting in your company employee mental wellbeing increasing and your absence rate reducing and retention rate improving.


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