Out of Control OR Finding an Opportunity

6 May, 2020

Last week I read a post from Neil O Connor. After reading it, I immediately responded with an additional thought which in turn prompted me to think more about how some businesses are turning their focus inwards during this strange time we find ourselves in. While taking a well-deserved break from my daily routine, I […]

Can you afford not to automate your business processes?

20 March, 2020

There have been many changes over the years from the Wright brother’s first flight to man landing on the moon. As far as technology goes, it’s always improving, and improving at a startling rate! We are getting faster, going further and being more efficient, so why can’t our business processes advance the same way, become […]

It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

6 February, 2020

Caine Longstaff joined Excelpoint in July 2019 through the apprenticeship supplier Baltic who specialise in apprenticeship programs to launch careers in IT, software development and digital marketing. Working in our Consultancy Team, Caine has the responsibility for working on projects to develop customer-specific software systems for key customers and testing of new product functionality. Before […]