Comments From Some Of Excelpoint’s Customers…

“I see great potential with this system. Its ease of use can’t be overstated and it offers comprehensive reporting, without the interface usually required of a DMS.

Although only at the pilot stage, I can easily see how Excelpoint can reduce our costs by cutting resources in time and storage space.

It will also be a real asset to us when operating in our international offices in America and Australia.”

Automated Document Solutions Ltd

“For some time now Mitie Group have been looking for a web browser based front end to our corporate databases. That is both easy to implement, easy to configure and extend, and easy for an end-user to understand and use. Excelpoint not only provides us with this but also provided us with solutions for a number of problems that would normally require bespoke solutions and consultancy. I was also impressed by the willingness of the Excelpoint technical staff to listen to requests for system enhancements and where possible include them in the standard product release.”

Mitie Group PLC

“I was quite amazed at the way the software and the staff could accommodate the requirements of the home. Phase one only took a few days to have configured and in use by the staff. Although I was initially concerned by possible adoption issues I had no need to worry, the staff love the system as it is both easy to use and has made their lives easier.

We now have bigger plans for phase 2 than we had originally envisaged. Absolutely brilliant! I would recommend Excelpoint to anyone.”

Bethany House Nursing Home

“From the initial engagement with Excelpoint I have found the team there to be a pleasure to work with and as flexible as their technology. We have already made significant impact on our internal processes using the software. And I envisage us doing more and more with this product. Even when it has come to creating brand new interfaces to third party products and services that we use this has been a simple and inexpensive exercise for us to achieve. I truly believe Excelpoint is a business enabling tool whereas many other products and technologies state this as a hollow claim.”

Cello Electronics Limited

“Excelpoint designed a system for us to record and process spread bets and the work from start to finish was of an excellent standard. The consultant was helpful and professional at all times and we knew we were dealing with an expert. I was so impressed with Excelpoint that it left me believing that I could have done this myself – I’m still pleased that I left it to the experts.”

Star Sports

“I was impressed with Excelpoint right from the beginning. At our initial meeting we spoke honestly about the possibilities of what their software can and cannot do. I was also pleased to see Excelpoint rise to the challenge I laid down as they offered me an extremely competitive commercial offering – Important as we are a not for profit charity. I find Excelpoint’s open systems approach coupled to the philosophy of “easy to use” for both solution deployment staff and end users, extremely refreshing.”

Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association

“From first meeting, to on-site involvement and the subsequent communication I have been impressed with Excelpoint and their technology. I placed challenge after challenge in front of the team on site and each challenge was met and my expectations exceeded. I am already discussing this exciting new product with my peers in the NHS. The opportunity to embrace and extend this solution seems endless.”

Mater Hospital Trust

“What we needed was “joined up” working between the various sections internally. Excelpoint proved to be the tool to enable our processes and also deliver efficiencies. Between Excelpoint as the vendor and Excelpoint as a technology we are now rapidly making progress with the vision of the department. I see considerable potential for further expansion of the solution internally and the departments are already reviewing processes and feasibility – an excellent product.”

Belfast Royal Hospitals Group

“I instantly realised the power and flexibility of the Excelpoint tool and was impressed by the working relationship Excelpoint forged with my own team.

I hadn’t appreciated that the flexibility I witnessed would provide inspiration for many initiatives that we had previously not considered. This type of technology and flexibility has to be the future for business systems. Excelpoint truly is inspirational.”

Anglian Water PLC

“I’m not technical and rarely get excited about software but, Excepoint offers so much immediate potential that the business impact is obvious from the outset. I am genuinely excited about the possibilities that this solution offers our business.

We are now working with Excelpoint to assess the impact this solution may have on the whole ITIL marketplace. Initial signs are extremely positive.

This solution offers many of the benefits normally associated with larger more established offerings with a much higher price tag.”

aQuip International

“From the initial engagement with Excelpoint I have found the team there to be a pleasure to work with and as flexible as their technology. Following on the success of this initial project we are starting to assess our other existing processes and systems and have every intention of putting more emphasis on Excelpoint.

During the pre-sales stages I was impressed with the product but once we started to implement our own processes the power and flexibility became even more apparent. Having implemented other systems in the past I have been extremely impressed with the ease with which we have achieved our first project. I am looking forward to working with Excelpoint into the future.”

Money Saving Direct Limited

“From being in a corner, with no available internal resource to complete a key project component, to turning around a complicated business process in a matter of a few weeks was very refreshing.

Two things impressed me, firstly, the responsiveness and understanding of the people at Excelpoint and secondly the product itself was very easy to understand allowing me as project manager to have a clear grasp of the possibilities and timescales for achieving solutions within a few days of my introduction to Excelpoint.”

Hanson PLC